Thursday, June 26, 2008

Into Africa

It's been a wild Summer so far.  Between the preparation for the Red Bull Experiment on July 11th and X-Fighters Texas (which has come and gone with a so/so performance on my part), I decided to stick to my word and head down to South Africa for the biggest FMX show ever brought to the original "Dirty South".  Besides getting sick and having to ride a sub-par bike, i was pumped on the Masters of Dirt show and the people of South Africa.

My good friend Jason "Party" Moriarty led the show as well as the babysitting club for all of us foreigners.  As you can probably see by the pics, the Safari was the highlight!  By some coincidence, we lucked out and got a private tour by the "Lion Park" park Ranger.  I'm pretty darn busy catching up since the trip, so I can't go on and on, but hopefully the pics help tell the story.

Until next time.. RR Out!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Putting in the work.

It's a good feeling to put in some hard work and long hours.  Honestly, in all of my years of FMX, I haven't really applied myself to much of a training program.  As of the last couple weeks, I can no longer say that.  I have been on my bike(s) putting in a lot of time and effort for this Summer.  The cat has been out of the bag for a while now as to the fact that I am retiring from FMX comps and my goal is to go out on a good note.  To me, that doest mean by winning, just by putting in a solid ride and Entertaining the fans like I always have tried to do.  

The Summer has arrived quick.  And with this busy and hectic schedule, I suppose it will come and go really fast.  Even when the Fall comes around, I have a pretty busy itinerary.  Thats not a bad thing I guess.  Minus the fact that I miss some quality time with my Kids, it is always good to have some job security, especially in this day and age.  its crazy out there.  I hope one day my little guys realize that.

So I'll wrap it up I guess.  I've got an early morning and a hectic few days ahead of me before I head to Texas for the first ever Red Bull X-Fighters in the USA!  look out Summer, here I come!