Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pura Vida Mang

I just got back from the circus... Nitro Circus that is!  This stop was a real drag let me tell ya, we were "forced" to head down to Costa Rica.  Yeah, paradise it was a difficult choice to make the trek to Paradise.  I don't even know where to start, but I'll try.

Red Bull mastermind and friend Hayes Wheeless teamed up with TP and the Nitro Circus leaders Greg Godfrey and Jeremy Rawle with a wild plan for some unique and beautiful locations for the next installment of the "Travis and the Nitro Circus" series.  I can't share all the details in order maintain some surprise and anticipation for the release, but i have to say that I am confident that the next vid will not disappoint.  Travis, Jolene, Jim, Kenny, Andy Bell, Godfrey, Tenacious J (Tenacio on this trip), Base Jumper "Plamer" and myself, as well as my boys/videographers Donny and Party Marty, were treated like superstars by the Red Bull crew all week.  We had an amazing time chilling with the entire Red Bull Costa Staff.  It actually made leaving a bit sad for all of us.

Jim DeChamp was the star of the trip.  Like I said, I can't elaborate, but Jim managed to survive the week after a few brushes with near disaster.  (just a hint, never let Jim borrow your Rhino, especially in front of 20k Supercross fans an a fully blown SX track)!

As for myself, I really didn't accomplish as much as I was hoping, but I got in a few great rides in the rain Forest and met some really cool people! Big thanks again, to the Entire Red Bull Costa Rica Staff and Hayes' Red Bull latin America crew!

Ok, I am slammed trying to get ready for the next Season of 'The Great Ride Open', so I'm ghost.   Late!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Uh oh, another little hobby, I got a camera.

Just what I needed, another toy.  Yup, I got a camera, nothing super gnar, but a descent little Canon.  I figured it would be rad to try and document stuff a bit better than I have been through my life and even more so in the amazing days and years of my boys' lives.

I've luckily learned some of the tricks of the trades through some of my photographer buddies so I think I am doing ok.  But seriously though, I have gotten a lot more respect this first week for them because it is pretty tough to get those money shots.  I feel like it could get pretty addicting, so I'm planning to keep the battery charged so that I can score more shots for the blog updates.

I put up shots of my kids, the RR ranch and a few shots of my KTM teammates from Supermoto, Kurt Nicoll, Troy Herfoss and Chris Fillmore.

Lemme know what ya think!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Another one bites the dust

It's late as heck here in Rotterdam, Holland.... Or should I say early?  Whatever the case, I am just getting my stuff together before heading to the Airport and figured I'd drop a quik line about the weekend.  It also helps that a really cool local Dutch photographer named Jeremy Staay was on top of his game and already sent me some really cool shots from the weekend.  You can scope out his works @ .
As for the show, it was pretty fun.  A lot of cool friends and riders were in the show and it was a really low pressure gig even though they made it a contest format.  I won teh whip contest both days and pulled a2nd in the fmx on day 2.  My old buddy Matt 'cooter brown' Buyten kicked our butts pretty bad both days in front of his Heritage home crowd.

So now its back to reality.  I'm on the quickest flight home possible to hopefully make it to see some of my little guy Nates baseball game.  It's his 3rd game and I am so bummed that I have had to miss games due to my freegin schedule of shows.... It's tough, but hopefully one day I can slow it down and still make that money.  Nobody has ever said this whole 'Life' thing was easy, thats for sure.