Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Wow....... Thats really all I can say right now.  It's been a week and a half since the Red Bull Experiment and it seems like I haven't found a second to rest (besides my 20 hours of travel to and from Madrid for the Red Bull X-Fighters).  X-Games is in a week and a half and I am entered in 3 events; Best Whip, Step-Up and Speed & Style.  I have been working my butt off.  Thanks to my mechanic Andy Dalton, aka Drinky B, things are going way smoother than previous episodes of me multitasking myself into insanity.  

I guess I'm still on cloud nine a bit from the experiment on July 11th.  The night went 100% perfect as far as the ride went.  I do wish my little guys could have been there, but it wasn't in the cards I guess.....  The coolest thing to me besides going way past my projected goal, was that it actually went exactly like I had envisioned time and time over again in my head.  

I have to make sure and say thanks to Red Bull for making this a reality and all of the crew that did a killer and reliable job on Set-up.  From Dane Herron industries, Freeride Technology, Jack Murphy Productions, the 20k+ fans and locals that I hope are now fans and even to the cute little Red Bull girlies running around breaking hearts and pumping up the product.  Thank for your support and hard work to make things go off absolutely perfect.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Preppin up for the BIG SHOW!

Well, I'm only 3 nights out from what will possibly be one of the biggest nights of my career.
I guess I'm getting a little nervous now.  I've been to the venue and scoped out the build.  I'm totally blown away at how massive this ramp looks on the Santa Monica Pier!  This is totally right up Red Bulls alley when it comes to uniqueness and superior commitment to a project.  I'm in awe that all of this is based around me.  

All in all though, I am super exited to make history Friday night.  

I've attached a personal teaser video that I though yallz might enjoy.  It's from my 2nd to last practice session.  FYI, the last practice session went even better!

Big thanks to the entire squad for making this Experiment happen, especially with such a short notice!

Wish me some luck already!