Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The NEW Knight Rider!

Well, my little buddy Georgie Fechter from Masters of Dirt in Austria called me and mentioned that he was putting together a car to drive the rally and asked if I wanted to drive some of it.  Before i even found out it was KITT, I said yes I would drive some if my schedule allowed it.  Then he mentioned that he was going to do it in one of the original Knight Rider cars, I told myself I HAD to do it.  unfortunately I was only able to drive 1 day due to my crazy schedule, b ut let me tell you, I made the most of it.  The MOD crew allowed me to drive the 2nd days leg from LA to San Diego.  I showed up in Hollywood the night before I got to drive and coincidentally ran into the MOD/Fuel Girls crew just 200ft from the 101 and Hollywood Blvd split, where KIT decided to take a siesta.  I was treated to helping push the 1982 Trans Am almost 2.5 miles to the rendezvous point near all the tourist crap.  I figured the next day would be a hell of an adventure and I wasn't disappointed!  The first drive to checkpoint 1 was cake from Hollywood to Huntington Beach, but once we left the beach it was a mad dash south to the next checkpoint in Carlsbad, CA about 70 miles away.  I found myself sitting behind KIT doing around 120 in the middle of at least 15-20 luxurious sportscars.  It was insane to say the least.  by the time we wheeled into Downtown San Diego, KIT was on his last strut.  I think the HOFF has been replaced by the REN-Diesel! (yes I just gave myself a nickname, hahaha)  I cant wait to do it again next year!  And hopefully for at least a couple more days.

drive on...rr