Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I Finally Figured It Out!

What up everyone. I guess now that i figured out how to log on to this thing I better write something.

I will start off talking about my daily stories nd see how good i can keep up. Kinda like a moto diary. Enjoy:

Well today was a pretty mellow, yet cool day. I did some early running around and stpped by TLD to get on top of my Day in the Dirt entries. It should be interesting, because this year I am teaming up with my little brother Ricky, who just got through with his first full year pro. I guess i need to get up to speed so I dont let him down.

After my TLD stop I swung by the KTM race shop and picked up my 1st 2008 model and a 990 LC8 v-twin racing engine that I am planning on building a chopper with, with my buddy Jesse Rooke. As for my bike pickup, I am trying to start leaning towards the 450 four stoke for all of my freeriding and motocross needs, so this year KTM is getting me on a program that will get me on 2 450's. I'll also be getting an 08' 250 two stroke as well, but I am planning on trying my 450 on the ramp before the new year. We'll have to wait and see if my skinny butt can lean back and pull around a 450. I'd rather do backflips than backflops.

After that, I went home and met up with my old bud and hero Mike Metzger. We had a good little session and even though Metz has been out of the saddle with a broken back, he is looking good on his 3 Brothers KTM.

As i sit here at the end of the day writing this, it really starts sinking in that I am blessed to have a great job and hobby all rolled into one!

Stay in touch and I will hopefully be rubbing it in more often!


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