Monday, January 14, 2008

So far so good in 2008

i'll be pretty brief in this one, but thats not a bad thing. i am too darn busy having a good time!

We started new years out in the desert at Ocotillo Wells doing some riding and Ranger rallying (or as the socal locals call it "mobbing" the hills). Nate had his 8th birthday on Dec 29th and got a new KTM 50sx. He got the hang of the bigger bike really fast and decided that he is going to be a Freerider like Dad when he gets bigger. His main goal of the weekend was to get some big air and he got it! It was so fun to ride through Ocotillos' majestic hills with my little man in tow. It was awesome stopping and watching him find his little "kickers". Josh on the other hand rode for a total of about 4.5 minutes. He says he don't want to crash. Ironically, he must have bumped his head a million times playing and just being a kid during the week.

Being that the first few rounds of Supercross are held on the West coast, January is always a blast because some of my buddies come into town to play a couple of days before hand. Now that I have the "Renner Ranch", we have had a couple of good ride days. A couple members of the the Nitro crew even stopped by and put it on there blog as well, check it, . Andy Bell, Tenacious J and myself headed up to do battle at the annual Racer X Industry party @ Pole Position Raceway in Corona (in which I dominated). It was a riot getting to battle with guys like Windham, Reed and the MX industry big timers. Best part of the night was when Pole Position Founder, Ken Faught let me take my boys on the track after hours! They loved it! I think Nate may have some potential in finally putting his middle name (Racer) to use! Either that, or I have to change it to "Freerider".
Another big shout out to Live Nation and especially Nicole Mancuso for setting up some tickets to the Monster Jam at Angels Stadium.  I was their scouting the Monster Jam scene hoping to see that their is room for a "Who's Your Daddy" truck!  It was a great show, but I will admit that it sucked watching the FMX show and letting 4 other riders get the spotlight in front of a sold out stadium.  Also, I'm not sure if it was gravedigger, or someone in my group, but some one was running some "Bad Gas" in Anaheim!

Until next time. RR out.


Bubs's Blog said...

Love the pictures of Ocotillo and of the boys. I love riding at Ocotillo and haven't been in a while. Can't wait until my daughter can ride a bike. She is only 14 months right now.

ride-moto said...

What's up dude? Where's pic of your smokin hot wife in Ocotillo?? I can't wait to get out to desert an ride. Cool pics of the kids!