Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Preppin up for the BIG SHOW!

Well, I'm only 3 nights out from what will possibly be one of the biggest nights of my career.
I guess I'm getting a little nervous now.  I've been to the venue and scoped out the build.  I'm totally blown away at how massive this ramp looks on the Santa Monica Pier!  This is totally right up Red Bulls alley when it comes to uniqueness and superior commitment to a project.  I'm in awe that all of this is based around me.  

All in all though, I am super exited to make history Friday night.  

I've attached a personal teaser video that I though yallz might enjoy.  It's from my 2nd to last practice session.  FYI, the last practice session went even better!

Big thanks to the entire squad for making this Experiment happen, especially with such a short notice!

Wish me some luck already!


Derek Egbert said...

Good Luck, Rendawg! I'll be watching from Utah, but I'll be cheering you on like I was there. Keep it on two wheels and make sure to do your little dance at the end fo' sho'!

Bubs's Blog said...

Very cool!

Just wanted to let you know I have a shirt w/ your picture on the back and my 20 month old daughter LOVES it! She gets excited when I wear it and grabs your picture and pulls me to the ground so she can "talk to you."

Susie_FMXbaby said...

one word: WOW

Ronnie, u AMAZE ME!!!!!
just wanted to say thanks for that awesome work you put in @ the Santa Monica Pier!!!!!!
Congratulations record holder!!

it was so damn dope!!!

i just HAD to give you props for it.....that's why i sneeked into the press conference afterwards!!!

I also had a chance to meet your dad, he's cool as f**k!!!!!!
SO DOWN TO EARTH....just like you!

BTW thanks for the shout out, i appreciate it!! ALL my friends hate me now!!! HAHAHA

And the pic we took together, i'm taking that to the X Games, hopefully you can sign it for me...

GOOD LUCK with all...... keep kicking ass!!!!!!!


Gr8Debator said...


I walked into a convenient store in Friona, TX-cowtown outside of Amarillo-and 3 old cowboys were talking (in kinda of a pinching your nose accent) about some guy turning a motorrrcycle a way that motorrrcycles shouldn't go and about how crazy that wuzzzz! I stood there and listened to them and knew they were talking about your EXPERIMENT. They were laughing so hard and having the best time.

I watched the youtube video---no dancing??? Those old cowboys would've liked that.

I should've taken them to X Fighters in Ft. Worth with us---That crowd needed some life man.

Thanks for making the world a little more crazy!


Claudia said...

Amazing jump!!! Here in Costa Rica people can't get enough of you! Hope you come back for X-Knights someday, I'll definitely be cheering for you!!!

Darryl said...

Ren Dawg

Bro when can we have you back out in Africa

We are working on things but it was super fun havin ya out
Next time we will take you to a ridonculous nature reserve in the North East.

Flip side g