Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The NEW Knight Rider!

Well, my little buddy Georgie Fechter from Masters of Dirt in Austria called me and mentioned that he was putting together a car to drive the rally and asked if I wanted to drive some of it.  Before i even found out it was KITT, I said yes I would drive some if my schedule allowed it.  Then he mentioned that he was going to do it in one of the original Knight Rider cars, I told myself I HAD to do it.  unfortunately I was only able to drive 1 day due to my crazy schedule, b ut let me tell you, I made the most of it.  The MOD crew allowed me to drive the 2nd days leg from LA to San Diego.  I showed up in Hollywood the night before I got to drive and coincidentally ran into the MOD/Fuel Girls crew just 200ft from the 101 and Hollywood Blvd split, where KIT decided to take a siesta.  I was treated to helping push the 1982 Trans Am almost 2.5 miles to the rendezvous point near all the tourist crap.  I figured the next day would be a hell of an adventure and I wasn't disappointed!  The first drive to checkpoint 1 was cake from Hollywood to Huntington Beach, but once we left the beach it was a mad dash south to the next checkpoint in Carlsbad, CA about 70 miles away.  I found myself sitting behind KIT doing around 120 in the middle of at least 15-20 luxurious sportscars.  It was insane to say the least.  by the time we wheeled into Downtown San Diego, KIT was on his last strut.  I think the HOFF has been replaced by the REN-Diesel! (yes I just gave myself a nickname, hahaha)  I cant wait to do it again next year!  And hopefully for at least a couple more days.

drive on...rr


Christian said...

crazy shizzle, saw georgie and the car on german television the other day. seems like KITT has more frequent flyer miles than actual driven miles

Peter Barth said...

So how can we contact you? We went to high school together. My 6 year old son has started BMX racing and we both had fun watching you at X games. We were hoping to come see you next time you are in SC, NC, GA, TN area. We're SC now.

BAYBEE said...

Hey Ronnie, I was really really enjoyed supper session at Red Bull Poland!
One of my most favorite event ever!

But why did you hit TP in front of public???
TP's very ugly photo he got a punch has been posting.
People laugh at TP now.

That's hurt my feelings...

Amanda said...

Hi Ronnie,
My name is Amanda and I'm from Brazil ...
Watched their presentations in X-Games Mexico, loved!

(My English is terrible! Hahaha)

morgan/ said...

Hi love!

Damn that sounds like so much fun! But just a quick one, when you refer to the Hoff, are you talking about the Hoff, or THE Canadian Hoff?

Whip it ! said...

Yeah ronnie hasselhoff ! it is the absolute class !!

ps :I hope that you will return to Switzerland for the supercross of Geneva, I will make a flag even more beautiful (with K2000 hihi)

Maciej said...

Hi Ronnie :] You are cool in Poland on "Master of Dirt". Thanks for show :D