Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bonjour and Stuff

Howdy, I mean Bonjour! I just got back from the twentieth something annual Paris Bercy Supercross and am pretty beat up. It was my 5th year in a row and at 3 shows a night, 3 nights per weekend, I decided to splat myself on the ground during my final show #45! I'm ok, but it was sure as hell a close one. It all started at the first show on Friday night: I realized that I was obviously the veteran old guy that was definitely gonna be relying on my showman skills and hopfully big whips if I wanted to impress this crowd. Luckily I have been back to work on my backflips or I would most likely gotten boo'd off the floor after they saw my tricks in comparison with the other riders. Never a claimer on the big new stuff, I was surrounded by guys that push the envelope: Eigo Sato from Japan, My Red Bull KTM teamate Mat Rebeaud (Swiss), The new bad boys of France the Paget Brothers, Thomas and Charley and their mentor and mega FMX o.g. Manu Troux, who would be making his last Bercy appearance and then making a full fledged retirement at the end of the year. I realized I was out of my league with tricks when I noticed that I was the only guy without the flip "antlers" as I call them (the added bars that lock your arms on the bars to do Superman backflips). It was a long weekend, but I suprisingly fealt good in the mix with these guys. I still have a couple of unique tricks that let me stand out. But it was the Paget Brothers that stole the show, for sure. I won't start a list of all the crazy things these guys were doing, but I will however mention that I am really stoked to know these guys and will definitely help them out if they decide to give er' a go in the u.s.. Thomas Paget once again raised teh FMX bar on Saturday night when he pulled a Backflip Double Grab (fully extended I may add). It was off the charts and I still don't beleive it!
With all that energy transfering to our final show on Sunday, we went buck wild out there. I was having one of the best times ever before I got bitten. It was a full on rebelious FMX free for all as we all went crazy doing whatever we pleased. Rebeaud and I buddied up and were doing little mini trains with the same trick. We agreed to do back to back Backflip whips and I never normaly follow people. Now I know why, since Mat hauls butt at the ramp and I am a turtle, I timed the thing sooo bad. As I landed about 1/2 a bike short and a bit sideways on the landing, my feet ripped off of the pegs and in a flash, I was doing a double side saddled superman whisky throttle into the tunnel and directly at Mat! Just before impact, I laid her over and did a slide t-bone into him, he luckily lifted his leg just before impact. It was intense! The crowd went nuts as we both rolled out of the tunnel with two mangled bikes. Fortunetly we were both ok, unfortunetly I wiped out my whole parts allowance in one crash!

Now I am starting a 2 week mx training cram session to get prepared for the Day in the Dirt race in Palmdale, California that I'll be racing in with my Little Brother Ricky as a teamate. I can't wait. I think Ricky will come out here and suprise some people. Hopefully hes not embarassed of his OLDer brother!

until next time, RR out

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