Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gobble Gobble Gobble

Happy Turkey day fellow Americans and Happy whatever it is in your country day to anyone else. I don't know about you guys, but I am ready to be a typical American on Thursday and gorge out on some good eatin'! I really can't believe it's Thanksgiving already. I mean dang, it seems like just yesterday I had a Turkey leg in one hand and a throttle in the other when I raced the annual "A Day in the Dirt" race last year along with my good friend Shaw "Uncle" Dunkel.

I think it will be my 4th year in a row of heading to "A Day in the Dirt", which is always changing venues. This year it goes back to its original track, LACR Raceway near Palmdale. Also, I am normally teamed up with Shaw, who cannot make it out from Florida this year (HE'S A WORKAHLOLIC). This year, I'll be riding the team races with my little brother Ricky Renner, who some of you may have heard of as he did pretty well this year in his rookie season on the AMA circuit, earning National #75. I am really exited to go and do this race with him, even if it makes me fell like a geezer that my baby brother is 18 and all grown up. Whatever the case, I am his biggest fan!

Anyhow, if anyone gets a chance to come up, it is a really good time and there are a lot of celebs in the house riding and just having a good ole time on there holiday weekend. Practice Friday and racing Saturday/Sunday, with Sunday hosting the Moto-a-gogo team race and the "Coup de Grace" endurance race... hope Ricky doesn't lap me!

Happy Holidays peeps!

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Ɓukasz said...

Hello Ronnie ! ;)

I have question ... why you didn't go to the Erzberg Rodeo this year with Nitro crew ? Did you hear about a "new one" from Poland (Teddy Blazusiak) ? Teddy was kick Kngiht's ass (with all respect to him, he's living legend :]) in Erzberg, on Maxxis enduro-cross in Las Vegas and RB Last Man Standing ! yeah, there's a days that im proud to be polish ;) On th eother side; 90% people in our beatufull country didn't know him :/ I'ts because our media are not interested on motosports like MX, Enduro, but that is BTW ... .

I hope the Nitro Circus Crew came back in 2008 to Austria ! Erzberg without you guys is not the same ! :)

Greetings from Europe to all crew !

PS :one: All best to you brother !
PS :two: Sorry for my English, I am still learning ;)
PS :three: Keep up with your blog !
PS :four: Back to Poland again !!! Maybe on Night of the Jumps 2008 finals ? ;)