Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Globetrotting and Deprived of Sleep.

Well, it looks like I slacked off for a couple weeks, but I have a good excuse.....I was half-way around the world and have been non-stop since I last checked in. Overwhelming for sure, but in the grand scheme of things its been a great time.

Day in the Dirt was awesome as predicted. Actually even better, as my brother Ricky cleaned house in the pro class and we did pretty well in our team races despite the fact that I am a squirrel. Kenny Alexander, Troy Lee and the entire Stunt/Film Industry of riders put on an awesome event every year! Big thanks for having us out.

After the race, Ricky and I headed to Geneva, Switzerland for the annual Geneva SX. It was a good time and despite neither one of us really doing very good, i really had a lot of fun.

From Geneva, I spent a couple of awesome days in the Swiss Alps and missed out on Boarding because of bad weather. All good however because we ended up doing some cool stuff to pass the time, like go-karting with Mat Rebeaud and crew. They also took Todd Potter, Alvaro DelFarro and I to see the Chillon Castle that sits on the Geneva Lake. It was an amazing place.

Then it was off to Dubai for X-Games Dubai. There was a whip contest the first day and I won that sucker in the middle of a head to head final with Chuck Coruthers. Huck-a-chuck was in old form and ended up tasting the sandy middle Eastern dirt, luckily he was ok, but it was really gnarly. I decided to lay low in best trick and not show my big stuff, so i did a heel clicker! Props to Greg Hartman for winning Best trick!

So now its home for 2 1/2 days and back o Germany for the Munich Supercrossover! Should be a killer time! I am literally falling asleep at the laptop, so I guess thats a sign to get up and off this thing.


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Bubs's Blog said...

I'm excited to find your blog and hope I can see you at an event in the US!