Friday, May 23, 2008



Bruce Wilmot said...

hey RR have to say I think your move to stop doing contest is spot on.Seems your head, heart and talent from what I can tell from watching you ride is in free riding natural terrane, so go put all three of them there and have fun. Btw I am sure I get the nod for your oldest fan.........fellow rider and 44 lol

motoxdad said...

hey Ronnie
i know this is a little of subject but my son Brodey and i were looking through the new transworld motocross mag and shows you doing the sickest wip or they say flattie at your house in Fallbrook and he went nuts.
the reason is we live in fallbrook and i just got him a KTM pro Sr 50 and one of the first things he sayed is he is like you now riding a KTM
i think he is close to Nate's age too he is 8 now and been racing for 2yrs.
so is it true that you do live in one of the coolest town in north county?

Rendawg said...

Hey Tory and Brodey, yup its true, I do live in Fallbrook! Unfortunately I'm never home, but I love it when i am. Its such a killer place!... Dangit, I'm away right now and I am missing me some El Jardin~