Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's been a wild couple of weeks.

Howdy folks, sorry to have been slipping a bit on the bloggage.  Since the bogus call at the MotoX championships, i have taken a little breather from the ramps and jumps in order to get a second wind and get fired up for what I hope to be my best Summer yet.

May 3rd was a cool day for me as i got the opportunity to wrench for my son Nate at the KTM KJSC race during the Las Vegas Supercross.  Even though he was a bit intimidated, Nate really did an awesome job in the race and passed a few kids to take 10th.  I was so proud of the little guy.  He really did amazing, especially for never riding.  I have been around the KJSC rig many times but never really realized how awesome of a job the entire crew does.  much respect and thanks from the Renner camp!

Well. after Vegas SX, things got pretty wild..... Well, wild is probably not the best word to describe my last few days.  Insane may be a bit better.  How about Psychotic?.... I'm not exactly sure how to describe a trip with the Nitro Circus crew these days.  Obviously, that is what I am getting to, as i just returned home from an out of hand few days in the middle of one of the worlds most beautiful lakes, Lake Powell, which borders Utah and Arizona.  To make a long story short, let me say that you will not be disapointed when Thrillbillies Doublewide comes out later this year.  I can't even begin to describe the things I witnessed in my days at the lake. TP truly is a MadMan possessed and now has a complete army of possessed accomplices running around and participating right by his side.  I chose to bail early to ensure no physical harm!

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