Thursday, March 13, 2008

Uh oh, another little hobby, I got a camera.

Just what I needed, another toy.  Yup, I got a camera, nothing super gnar, but a descent little Canon.  I figured it would be rad to try and document stuff a bit better than I have been through my life and even more so in the amazing days and years of my boys' lives.

I've luckily learned some of the tricks of the trades through some of my photographer buddies so I think I am doing ok.  But seriously though, I have gotten a lot more respect this first week for them because it is pretty tough to get those money shots.  I feel like it could get pretty addicting, so I'm planning to keep the battery charged so that I can score more shots for the blog updates.

I put up shots of my kids, the RR ranch and a few shots of my KTM teammates from Supermoto, Kurt Nicoll, Troy Herfoss and Chris Fillmore.

Lemme know what ya think!


ruffrydah said...

For the first week, those look decent. And it's a major plus to have pics in your blog.

A picture says more then thousand words ;-)

Bubs's Blog said...

Those are some good picts! Love seeing all the pictures in your blog.

Jacob said...

Your son has a nice swing. If he can whip that bat around like you whip a dirt bike he might have a real career ahead of him!!