Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chugging along and getting hosed along the way

Hey Yallz'. I have to be quick cause I'm strapped for time, but I wanted to check in and let everyone know that I made it back safe from the GRO tour and Pinned it straight to the Moto-X Championships in San Diego to put in some lackluster rides and take home a 2nd in Speed + Style as well as a bogus and in my opinion, incomplete 2nd in the Step Up comp.
The Great Ride Open season 2 ended up turning out quite alright even with Mother Nature trying to torture us at every stop.  I'm confident the folks @ OneEyedBird Productions will put together an amazing 6 episodes from the trip!  It was a great time, but I can't help but feel like I enjoyed the 1st seasons trip better.  The weather was the main factor regulating our good times and goofiness around the fire.  However, we made the best of it and had a killer time.  Keep your eyes and ears pen for it on Fuel later this year!

After only spending 1 day home regrouping, I headed to San Diego for the 1st Moto-X World Championships.  What a unique experience to say the least.  My boy Dane Herron and crew built a spectacle of a course/track that had to be seen to believed.  My weekend went so so.

Here is a post I put up on FreestyleMTX.com regarding my situation at the Moto-X Championships in San Diego this past weekend where I really go the short end of the stick during the final moments of the Step-Up comp:

I lost on a freegin COIN TOSS. Plain and Simple.  I respect the fact that we are given the opportunity to have the event and all, but if it is BS, what's the point?  I was actually really pumped that it was thinning down the way it did. i would have much rather gotten beat buy Matt than RC. I like and respect all of those guys i'm riding with,..... Props to him for getting over the bar, but I would not have wanted to take the win like that and I feel like being a person who believes in fair competition and also a person not intimidated by corporate BS, If if our roles were reversed, I would have not accepted the win until the other guy got his fair shake (maybe I am just stubborn like that).....I am not mad at Matt, but I am furious with ESPN and the organizers. I did not get beat. I got shafted. I am 110% confident that i could have cleared that height easily with 5 more feet of run in ant the poles being held back like he did. I didn't even get the opp. That event is my livelihood and to them they just wanted us off of the course asap...Corporate BS.

RC was going high, but he got out of control and wadded up, so if anyone thinks he should have won, suck it. i could have pinned it harder, looped out and cleared the bar only to sketch out on the sub-par landing. It was a competition, get over it. It sucks that he couldn't do his second jump and sucks even worse that he got busted up.

I cannot wait for Summer X. If I'm invited.


DeChamp said...

Hi Renner
Thanks for lettin me chill at the casa. You are right Matt pussed out my not speeking up.

Dumb Dumb

MOTO said...
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Anonymous said...

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Bubs's Blog said...

Thanks for posting an update! I was wondering what happened. On TV they showed Matt riding and clearing the bar then went to commercial and came back to racing. I couldn't figure out why they weren't showing you doing the jump too. Have to agree that you got robbed on that one!!! My husband and I can't wait for the GRO on Fuel!

lance smaller said...

Hey Ronnie, Dont know if you remember me from XGames? I was the guy that came over and and talked to you about our old stomping grouds Dade City Yohos Boy.Just wanted to say thanks for taking some time out of your day to talk to one of the old Dade City Boys! I came back around after the Crappy Judging to say the least. But you were already packed up! I CANT BLAME YOU, I loved the fact that you kicked over alot of the tuff blocks and did a bured out still got that hot temper. I went over to Rickys Trailer and talked some smack instead lol! I cant get the email part of you site to work for me. So i hit you up here. We should roll oout some time! Hit me back...