Thursday, April 3, 2008

Great Ride Open 60% done....:(

Well, so far so good on the filming of the second season of Red Bull and Fuel TV's hit series, "The Great Ride Open".  I have once again been put on the road with a swell crew of peeps in search of the next perfect day of riding.  Drake McElroy, Tommy Clowers, rookie Lance Coury and Myself along with some cameos from Jeff Tilton, Tarah Geiger and Myles Richmond are the riders involved with this seasons filming.  Choosing to hit some less popular spots this year has for sure been an adventure in itself.  We started the tour with Gordon's Well (South of Glamis), then shot up to Dumont Dunes for a wild wind filled experience.  After the dunes, the caravan blew right past vegas in route to Caineville, Utah for some guaranteed thrills on our third and most popular stop.  After some great riding at Caineville, we ripped over to a new spot and were shown an amazing new playground in the foothills near Grand Junction, Colorado.  I don't have any riding pics to post, but hopefully you'll dig the shots I took during my downtime! I'll do a recap next week along with some action shots (i hope)!


MXfireman said...


Thats awesome you guys are filming a second season of the great ride open. I saw a picture of you and Drake railing a dune in Trans world out at Dumont. My son is 20 months old and is obsessed with the show. As soon as he wakes up in the morning he runs straight to the TV and makes a reving noise and I know that means its time for some ride open. My wife and I have every episode memorized by now! HaHa!! We love it though and cant wait for season 2. How come no Buyten and Herron this season?

ronnienault said...

dude i was in ur last season in occotillio. i was the kid in the green long hair. and i was camping with the guy who saaid ,"he wished his balles were an 8th the size of urs. lol but let go riding lol