Friday, February 8, 2008

Awesome week of Freeriding!

Awe man, I have lived in SoCal for 8 years now and have never seen the dirt as good as good as it was this week.  From my track to Beaumont, to the abandoned wastelands of Ocotillo Wells, I will be forever spoiled.  Saturday we had a little ride day @ the Ranch and were stoked out by mama nature with a little rain in the a.m., making the track "tits".  It was so god in fact , that my dawg Hot Carl and I were grinding gears in our BobCats for 5 hours tuning up the track and making a couple of new sections.  Everyone was really pumped with it, including myself.

Tuesday was unreal as well, as I helped organize a bunch of guy's out to Beaumont and session the "chocolate cake" covered hills.  you can check out the footage Simon Cudby threw together at .  I'll let the vid from Cudby and the Pics from Carl Stone do the talking, as I got to ride with David Pingree, Eric Sorby, Myles Richmond and Steven Haugelstein.  We didn't find many huge hits, but some fun little hippers and a wicked natural moto track that Pingree made up.  

Speaking of Carl Stone, I was lucky enough to connect with him while he is on the West Coast shooting Supercross for Racer X.  He rolled out with myself and renowned cinematographer Taylor Congdon to snag some shots. . I tried my hardest to wear them out by riding from sun up to sun down, but due to there addiction to my single cup coffee maker, I was no match for them! .. We crushed it, to say the least!

Since I was lucky enough to round them both up, I decided to rally out to Ocotillo and meet Tommy Clowers and take advantage of a perfect scenario.  Imagine, 2 riders, a filmer, a photographer and a million acres of virtual wasteland that was freshly saturated with the perfect amount of water just a few days before (definitely not a wasteland to us).

I think you got the point.  I'll quit bragging for now!

Dang I love my job!


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GTA 4 Whisperer said...

Those pics are sick man.
Wish I was there.

Keep the "bloggin" up man