Saturday, February 2, 2008

Loma Linda Childrens Hospital Benifit

It was that time of the year again.  I believe it was the 7th time that MX riders had the opportunity to come and cheer up the kids at the acclaimed Loma Linda Children's Hospital near San Bernardino, CA.   It was the 4th year that Jeff Tilton and Tommy Clowers' Red Bull TnT show came to rock the  house.  I have ridden the 3 previous years, but had to pull out of the demo this year due to some soreness from my foam pit session the day before.  Being  a parent of two crazy little dudes may help intensify the situation, but even though it's sad tpo see some down and out groms, the smiles than we muster up out of these kids is priceless and will keep me coming back for years to come!  Big props to all of the sponsors and especially all of the riders and moto celebs that were a part. Steve Bauer, Jeff Tilton, Tommy Clowers, Erin Bates, Myles Richmond, Zach Osborne, the folks at Smooth Industries, FMF, Troy Lee Designs, Pro-Circuit, Transworld MX,, and a lot more including myself were all very fortunate, grateful and blessed to be a part of such a cool deal.  Big props to Steve Bauer for making this happen! Also, all of the parents being supportive and tough during hard times, much respect!

Also give a looksy to . as they have some cool pics of the event too.

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