Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Flat out all over the place

Sorry peeps, I got a little off of my game the past couple of weeks.  Since I last wrote, I decided to do exactly the same trip the following week with my International crew of buddies as I did in my last post.  It was tough, but I dug deep to find a couple of days to take some really talented international FMX friends out to Beaumont and Ocotillo Wells for some real American Freeriding.  I figure it is great training for my Freeride Tours that I am planning to start booking up this Spring.  Eigo Sato of Japan was the trooper of the fielfd that also consisted of Frances' Thomas Paget and Jeremy Renuat, as well as Italion Stallion Massimo Biancanchini..... And Crew of course.  Eigo went wild out in the hills and charged everything without hesitation.
I would have loved to stick around for their final few days, but I had to head out to the Indianapolis Motorcycle Dealers  Trade Show.  When I say "had to", don't go thinking it was too raw of a deal.  Ogio basically flew me out to start a band, name it 'Cheap Date' and rock the house! (in a nutshell).  HaHaHa, ok, they brought me out to be a dork and play Rock band with my little buddies Cam McQueen, Jeff Williams and Andy Bell.  Yeah we rocked.  I also found a bit of time to goof off with the folks from Racer x. Check it.

After all of the rocking out and mega rock star parties, I made it back to BroCal in 1 piece and exited to get a few days of riding in before heading to Vienna Austria, but of course, it rained me out.  So I hopped on a plane to Austria with zero ramp practice in nearly a month.  I'm not sure if its the old age or what, but man it gets harder and harder to sleep on planes.  Its like they made my chair with mahogany and was planning to fit  Gary Coleman in that musty, Euro Armpit smelling corner that they called Seat 23a.  Anyhow, made it to the show a bit jet lagged and lazied around the first day and won the Whip comp, Step-Up comp and got 6th in the FMX final.  Sunday I won the Whip and Step up again and actually rode with both eyes open and got 3rd.  The Masters of Dirt Show was really cool and had a bunch of highlights.  I could go on and on, but I gotta send love to my Nitro Circus Sister (and 1onWon Team Rider) Jolene Van Vugt for performing in her first ever FMX show.  After only practicing FMX for 3 weeks, she opened both shows with a 1 woman demo that was rewarded  with Standing ovations both days.  Looks like someone has some potential to go with all that craziness!

Directly after the Sunday show, I hit the Road with my Belgian Buddies Peter and Stoica, headed for the West Austrian Alps, aka, Ze Halps!  Before I knew it I was carving corners in T-Shirt weather (Al Gore is pissed) and tumbling through the many of the "Montafon" area's terrain parks.  With that said, I'll move right along to tuesday and sum that day up with the phrase "Bed Ridden"!  Now I'm in Belgium, prepping up for a show in Rotterdam that I really have no Idea what it is about.  So now u know, and knowing is half the battle.

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